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Tourism & Hospitality trends in Hong Kong

With a population of 7.5 million and 55.9 million annual visitors, Hong Kong’s food services and trading companies have a large customer base. 95 percent of food is imported and the free trade port makes it easy for restaurants to source new and unique ingredients. Locals eat out and order online delivery frequently with the city boasting one restaurant for every 400 people. More recently, Hong Kong diners have become more concerned about food sustainability, traceability and quality, paving the way for ethical eating.

The following areas offer an abundance of opportunities: 

  • Food Trading – A free port combined with the ease of setting up a company with minimal capital investment makes Hong Kong ideal for trading. 

  • Food Services – The culinary capital of Asia with 254 Michelin star restaurants (2020) offering a wide variety of cuisines and styles across all price ranges. 

  • Hotel and Travel – World class infrastructure await visitors while the city is also a great platform to set up an agency serving both inbound and outbound travellers.  

  • MICE – Some of the largest trade shows in Asia take place in Hong Kong, making it the perfect place for exhibitors and buyers to meet. 

  • Personal Services – As a regional trendsetter, an increasing amount of tailored services are now available ranging from fitness programmes and gyms to other lifestyle services.

Fast Facts:

7.5m Population - 7.5m population coupled with 55.9m annual visitors

95% The percentage of imported food 95% the percentage of imported food

18,000 Food & Beverage establishments

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