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Long known for their quality and value, Australian food and beverages are now winning new fans all around the world. More and more Australian products can be found on the menus of Michelin-star restaurants, in the first-class cabins of global airlines and on the shelves of high-end retailers, including growing numbers of online stores. Visitors and international buyers are discovering what Australians have enjoyed for some time – we love to dine and celebrate the incredibly diverse, fresh and readily available produce and premium products Australia has on offer.

People all over the world trust Australian food and beverages to be premium quality, nutritious, clean and sustainably produced. Now growing numbers of buyers are choosing Australian products for special occasions as well as everyday enjoyment. With local specialties like beef, wine, seafood, truffles and olive oil ranked among the best in the world, Australia’s unique and diverse offerings have become a major drawcard for visitors. Recent research showed that people who have visited Australia rank it in the top one or two countries worldwide for food and wine experiences.1 Australia’s different regions all bring something special to the table. Distinctively Australian products like lean and healthy kangaroo meat, or novel indigenous ingredients like lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle and mountain pepper are also catching the attention of chefs looking to develop new menus. FROM THE LAND Australia’s sheer size and geographic and climatic diversity mean it can offer an amazing variety of food and beverages, many of them coming from some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world. ‘I think what is pretty special in Australia is some of the experiences you can have around food and wine … amazing locations on our coast, incredible views and vistas of nature’ Peter Gilmore, executive chef, Quay Restaurant, Sydney

MEAT – TOP QUALITY FROM PADDOCK TO PLATE Australia has a well-established tradition of producing some of the finest meat in the world. Producers are meeting evolving international tastes with an extensive range of grass-fed, grain-fed and lean options, raised and processed to stringent standards, including freedom from hormonal growth promotants. Specialty products like organic and halal meats and breed-specific products such as Wagyu and Angus beef are also winning fans at home and abroad. Free-range Australian lamb is prized for its natural, grass-fed quality, with products tailored to meet the specific needs of international markets. The industry-wide systems that guarantee premium eating quality, along with sustainable production and environmental measures, mean that Australian meat appeals to the most discerning customers.

DAIRY – PREMIUM TASTE FROM GREEN PASTURES Australia’s dairy heritage goes back over 200 years. Fresh Australian milk is enjoyed across Asia as well as at home, and Australia produces a range of high-quality consumer products, including fresh milks, custards, yogurts, ice-creams and a wide variety of cheese types from Gouda and cheddar through to Brie, Camembert, mascarpone, crème fraiche, feta and haloumi. In recent years, numerous artisanal cheese producers have begun to offer specialty cheeses for the most discerning palates, and Australian cheeses have started winning international awards. Regions like the beautiful King Island, off the coast of Tasmania, are now known around the world as the home of premium dairy products. Customers all over the world are finding Australian cheeses very much to their taste. One example is Lemnos Foods, which has developed a strong market presence in India with its range of speciality cheeses and dairy products. Its variety of fruit cheeses, cream cheeses, organic ricotta dips, paneer, and natural yoghurt are now found across all of India’s largest cities including Mumbai and Delhi. In addition to retail sales, many dairy companies, like Yea Brand in the famous Yarra Valley region, produce premium cheese products for food service professionals.

There are many more opportunities for Australian producers, and thanks to Austrade here are some further insights:

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