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MSC announces its Carbon Neutral Programme

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has announced a complete Carbon Neutral Programme. The company states that it is “the first shipping line” to offer customers such a programme.

MSC’s Carbon Neutral Programme helps to enable carbon neutral supply chains by minimising, calculating and offsetting C02 emissions to meet customer demand.

As the company notes in a statement, “despite all the efforts to invest in cleaner technological and operational measures, the marine shipping of… goods still causes unavoidable CO2 emissions”.

However, through the MSC Carbon Neutral Programme, MSC customers can compensate for emissions from their shipments through action projects by South Pole, which is a developer of emission reduction and renewable energy projects.

MSC will compensate for the emissions from marine transportation of cargo by cancelling the same amount of carbon credits generated by two selected emissions reduction projects. These are audited and third-party certified to international standards.

Two examples of projects include a “bundle” of 90 small and micro-hydropower plants in China along with forestry conservation in Africa.

MSC says that it continues “to invest in its modern green fleet to help customers to lower the carbon footprint of their supply chains”. The company also argues that MSC operates the youngest fleet in the world in terms of container ship average age.

MSC is a member of Shipping Australia.

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