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Food Market Research Testing

Most people do not think about where their food comes from, how it is handled, distributed and prepared or what assurance they have that what they consume is safe or will please their palates.

This is where market research often plays a crucial, behind the scenes role.  Food testing research is important, comprehensive and useful.

In any industry, insights gleaned from well executed market research can help you to make better informed decisions.

But while companies in all industries may test their products or services, the food industry is the only one where taste sensory insights plays a significant role.

New ingredients are regularly being introduced into both foods and beverages – and these differ across countries and certainly among smaller regions. Concept testing may also be done prior to or along with such development efforts.

Besides taste, the look, feel and packaging of foods and beverages can impact consumer choices. Bottling and canning, labeling, packaging can influence the perception of a product’s quality and appeal.

Examples of a wide variety of questions that market research can investigate and answer include:

  • How important are natural or organic products?

  • Can consumers taste/tell the difference among various mixtures of ingredients?

  • To what extent does temperature affect the flavor?

  • How does altitude alter the flavor of meals that are prepared for airlines?

  • For how long is it safe to store before it spoils?

  • Is glass, plastic, or a metal container best?

  • Are there any possible side effects from fertilizers or pesticides, such as allergic reactions or interactions with common medications?

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