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An effective sales and marketing asset for Aussie brands

If being recognised as genuinely Australian is important to selling your products, certify them to carry the iconic Australian Made logo.

Get Certified

The logo is Australia's most trusted, recognised and widely used country of origin symbol, and is underpinned by a third-party accreditation system, which ensures products that carry the logo are certified as 'genuinely Australian'. That means your customers can be sure they’re buying authentic, premium-quality products that originate from our clean, green environment and that are made to demanding Australian standards.

The rules

As a registered certification trademark, the Australian Made logo can only be used on products that are registered with the not-for-profit Australian Made Campaign Ltd, and which meet the criteria set out in the Australian Consumer Law and the AMAG Logo Code of Practice. The rules for using the certification trade mark require that, in Australia, it must always be used with one of the following four descriptors: Product of Australia, Australian Made, Australian Grown, Australian Seafood or Australian (In export markets only)

This snapshot has been provided by Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL). for further details or to register follow this link:

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