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Platform for Australian SME's

to export easily and effectively

run by small business for small business

website_logo_transparent_background.png was created by SME Connect Australasia, it's aim is to provide a platform and the necessary resources for small Australian businesses that wish to try expanding internationally. As service providers and business advisors SME Connect Australasia can provide all the guidance needed to export. 


  1. Where are we located? Offices in Perth & Singapore, Sourcing & Warehousing in Perth WA

  2. What is An online platform helping small businesses to promote and sell products in Asia

  3. How long do orders take to ship? 1 to 5 business days from processing 

  4. Are orders trackable? Yes we provide full tracing of all orders

  5. What do you sell? Any products that are made in Australia – all products have a Certificate of Origin to confirming this

  6. Are you a Wholesaler or a Retailer? Both – we buy products from local producers (Australia) and sell to other businesses and consumers overseas (outside Australia)

  7. Where are the products stored? With our Logistics partner in Perth WA who stores, picks, packs, and sends orders direct to wholesale and retail customers 

  8. Why do you keep inventory and who owns that? For faster shipping and order consolidation, we own the inventory

  9. Who pays for the shipping to the customer? Every order is unique, therefore shipping is calculated on each order

  10. Why not export bulk and then sell it locally overseas? The cost of this process and the possibility of not selling enough stock before expiry limits this – we are testing the market with new products so small volumes are required

  11. Can you scale up or is there a limit to the number of products? Yes, we can and no there is no limit, however all products go through our vetting process and we will limit some items if there are too many of the same thing

  12. If an item is damaged before it reaches the customer who is responsible and what is done about it? We replace or refund the item

  13. Can I list my items for sale online myself? Yes, but we partner with you and include marketing, sampling, trade events and more for a small fee, leaving you free to concentrate on your business

  14. How are you funded and make money? We have economies of scale when consolidating many products, once products are successful and selling well, by using a lean operating system we reduce our cost exposure and increase margins