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Engage & Influence

Package B - Standard

$1500 for a 24 months listing

  • Website display & link to your site

  • Product Listing on sales platform

  • Product Storage at our 3PL provider

  • Order Facilitation by our team

  • Quarterly sales reports

  • Invitations to our trade shows and fairs

  • Invitations to our VIP dinners & tastings

  • Monthly social media posts

  • Twice yearly product videos

  • Provide us with 48 units of promo stock

Full Details of Package B

Engage & Influence for $1000 - What do I get? 

Product review and suitability for international sales (Free of charge)

​* Once your agency agreement is signed and returned with payment:

1.      Website display of your brand & products with a link to your site for 2 years

2.      Product Listing on sales platform for up to 20 products from your brand

3.      We buy your product; you deliver to our 3PL provider in Perth and we take care of the rest - sales & returns

4.      Ours sales are all online and available worldwide

5.      Quarterly sales reports emailed to you, so you know how it is going

6.      Invitations to our trade shows and fairs located in Asia, Fee payable at half standard rates

7.      2x VIP invitations to any dinners or tastings of your choice per year

8.      Monthly social media post - Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram 

9.      Twice a year video on YouTube promoting your product either usage or used in cooking by our team or associate

10.   Provide us with 48 units of promo stock to use to for sampling and promotional opportunities like gift with purchase

11.   Support with any export grants & reporting

12.   Local sales reps & Singapore based marketing team                                           

How to get listed? - Complete the Join us details form and we will in touch!

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